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Black tip on cactus

My cactus has developed a black tip. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to help it? 


  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    Hello leedsutd2012 (Nice name by the way) :)

    The narrowing of the main body indicates what is known as etiolation ; that is , a stretched and weakened growth due to poor light conditions . People often make the mistake of watering during the Winter whilst keeping their cacti too warm .
    During the Summer months the best place is in a bright g/house or even outside in full-sunshine .
    It looks (from what I can see ) like an Echinopsis of some species .
    This is actually irrelevant now as there is no cure for the black stem-rot .Best thing now is to discard .


  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 10,173
    You could try cutting back to the point of etoliation and if the stem is fine inside it might calous off and branch out new growth. You've got nothing to lose by trying it. Use a clean sharp knife and follow winter care advice afterwards though.
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  • Buzzy2Buzzy2 Posts: 135
    I agree with wild edges, cut, (if you can with those spikes) slightly lower then the point where it has gone in, and just let it dry off, dont water till end of March.
    It should regrow from around the cut!

  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,129
    I did think of that ; plants in habitat are often gnawed to ground by seemingly armoured-jawed herbivores , only to form multi-headed clumps eventually .
    It's just that where the plant is situated (not ideal for any cactus) , it would be a painfully slow progress , and weak growth would re-occur anyway .
    That's why I stressed about the requisites of a bright greenhouse ; sunny window sills are a poor substitute .
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