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Need help with Papaya tree parasite / bug

kengcckengcc Posts: 8
Anybody know what parasite is this on my papaya tree and how to kill them?
I used Neem oil but doesn't seem to have effect on them.


  • This site is UK based, and with a papaya tree that size I guess you are not!
    However, from the pix those look like some kind of scale insect - there are many, some specific to particular plants.
    They are a bit like aphids, but their hard waxy coat makes them harder to deal with.
    You can rub or brush them off physically (hard on a large tree!) but insecticides generally have limited effect.
    The ones we get in UK can be dealt with by brushing with methylated spirits, so you could perhaps try that with ones you can reach.
    Good luck!
  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 77,418
    edited October 2018
    Think @kengcc is in Singapore ... he's posted before with photos of different types of scale insect ... they seem to be a problem in that region  :/
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