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Gladiola Bulbs

Hi, I am new to Gladiola and are reorganising them in my garden, I know they grow a new Corm on top of the old one but some of them seem to have a lot of what looks like small new bulbs developing off the bottom, I have attached a picture, would someone explain what they are and how they develop


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,587
    The cormlets developing would grow large enough to flower in a couple of years. If you do not plant them deep enough, they form lots of little corms, instead of putting the energy back into the main corm. Next year these would send up shoots like grass, but not flower. I ditch all the tiny ones, and only keep the larger ones to flower again. Gladioli are cheap so if I get two or three years out of them, then I buy new. I can recommend Lidl when they get them in the Spring. I had very big corms from them this year, and some really good gladioli flowers.
  • How deep would you recommend for planting? and do you just leave yours in the ground or take them up over winter?
  • How deep do you plant yours? and do you take yours up over winter?
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