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Still flowering now but what is it ?

Hey guys does anyone know what shrub this is it seems to flower fairly late although it might be due to strange season of weather we had and if so when do you prune back and if so I assume a light prune ?


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,700
    Need to see the shrub growing from another angle, maybe a branch sideways, but I'm thinking maybe an Escallonia shrub. There is an Escallonia called Gold Brian that has similar looking leaves.

    Let's see if others have a different opinion.

    Escallonias can be pruned back in spring time or even in late summer and autumn time.
  • Definitely Escallonia, could be either Gold Brian or Gold Ellen.
    Don't prune it late Autumn in case of frost damage to exposed cuts.
    A Spring feed will help it after Winter.
    Being evergreen it may be prone to damage by prolonged low temperatures, so it could be worthwhile protecting your shrub with horticultural fleece if the weather is very bad.
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