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New flowers to try in 2019

seakaleseakale Posts: 142
browsing through my seed catalogue I see Zinnias and have decided to have a go at growing them from seed.

have any other plants folk out there tried growing zinnias?  And if so any tips?


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    Grew them this year for the first time. Cracking plants but mine didn't bush out which I expected so planted them too far apart. Lovely flowers though. 
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  • Mine have always produced vibrant coloured flowers, but I have found the plants to be tall and straggly - perhaps I am sowing the wrong variety, but I either have to stake them or plant the seedlings with supports.
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 21,011
    Some are tall and straggly, need the shorter bushier sort. I grow a variety called "Profusion" which I bought as plug plants, now I collect the seeds and sow them in the GH in late March.
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  • Brilliant plants that keep flowering and make amazing cut flowers. They can be anything from tiny pompoms to huge open multi tiered flowers depending on the variety. Well worth the effort and grow readily from seed.
  • I will have to look for Profusion Busy-Lizzie, thanks for the recommendation. Yes the colours are striking and well worth adding to an annual display.
  • JemulaJemula Posts: 168
    Another vote for Zinnias - so beautiful and varied.  I really like the fact that the individual flowers last so long - cuts down on the dead-heading. I generally grow a mixture and don't mind the ones that don't bush out but just plant them closer together. 
  • Grew for first time this year. Got very tall and leggy will pinch tips out next year to get a bushier plant. Stunning colours.
  • Sorry for such a simple question, but do you mind me asking where you get a seed catalogue from??? Thank you 😂
  • I get my catalogue from Suttons Seeds, there are various other suppliers of seeds like Dobies, Chiltern and Unwins, but we have always stuck to Suttons for good quality seeds.
  • seakaleseakale Posts: 142
    I belong to a gardening club, and they use Fothergills, excellent company to deal with apparently.  The Committee used to use another company but they got tied up with so many offers they became unreliable.

    So far Fothergills offer 20 varieties of zinnia, online.

    from your posts I am going to order zinnia seed.  It  is very exciting watching something of beauty grow from a tiny seed. 

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