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I am looking for some advice regarding my lawn please. I laid a new lawn during the summer of this year. I prepared the ground prior to this, took great care to water and feed the lawn during the hot weather and the grass looked great. Now that autumn has arrived there are areas where the grass has died, and some but not all of the remaining grass is looking yellow and a bit sickly.
I mow regularly at the correct height regularly with a sharp mower blade and have put down an autumn lawn feed. I have also carried out a soil test, this shows the soil to have a medium level of nutrients, but that it is quite alkaline. 
What is the best way to bring my soil back to a level of ph 6.5 - 7.0? I have read that introducing organic matter would help but do I just sprinkle a compost over the lawn? What is best? Also, my lawn is north facing with the neighbours house casting its shadow on the lawn for part of the day. Could this be contributing to the lawn dying?

Many Thanks


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,353
    The shade certainly won't help, and it's not good to feed a new lawn so soon either. 
    However, I'd leave it now until spring to do anything. If it's mild where you are and grass is still growing, you can cut it, but don't cut it too short. Only take the tips off, and leave it at around 2 inches or so. That will all help to encourage the root system, and keep it healthy. 

    If the ground's wet or frozen, stay off it as much as you can too. Most grass will look a bit yellow over winter, so I wouldn't be too worried. The conditions in summer for laying turf were very difficult, so even if you think it's being well watered, it may not have been.  If it was yellowy looking a month or more after being laid - that would mean it was short of water, but grass is pretty tough, so it should revive. The rain over winter will help. 
    Without photos, its hard to be more specific.  :)
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  • It is usually quite mild here as I live on the south coast, and the grass is still growing as I have to mow it regularly. I will leave it alone for now then but will keep an eye on how it is doing. I put the turf down about 4 - 5 months ago so is it still a new lawn?
    Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about the shade problem, but I did go for a lawn advertised as shade tolerant, so hopefully that will help too. I don't like seeing the new grass slowly deteriorating but will take your advice :)  Thank you for your help.
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