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New look digital magazine, what do you think?



  • JacquimcmahonJacquimcmahon Paris FrancePosts: 894
    Oh karen i do feel for you. I’ve managed to get it to load on my I pad but it keeps forgetting that I paid for the full access to the old issues and once I got that sorted out I now need to load each from the net each time, which of course I can’t always do. I used to enjoy filicking through the previous issues on the train but now as I need a live connection it’s lost a huge part of my reason for paying for it in the first place... I really wish they had asked before changing, or I felt they were really listening to feedback. If you send a mail all you get is an automated reply.
  • Have now tried the second month of the new format which I managed to do in about 15 minutes? Not very interesting or engaging and you realise how little content there is in it. Didn’t enjoy the experience and will continue with not renewing my membership. Feel that I have been cheated out of my subscription? This has put me off buying any other magazine subscriptions.
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