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Looking after lavender..

DesthemoanerDesthemoaner FlintshirePosts: 182
We bought a lavender seedling from Chalice Well in Glastonbury a few months back.

I planted it in well drained soil with plenty of sun and it's prospered, throwing out long stems topped with flowers. Now with winter just around the corner I'd like advice, please, on what to do with it to ensure it survives frost to come back again in the Spring.

Should it be pruned back? Do the roots need to be protected? I lost a similar plant a few years ago after a hard winter, and I'd rather look after this one a little better. 

Thanks in advance. 


  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 3,994
    Cut off the flower stems. It should be ok over the winter although French lavender is not all that hardy with me here in Scotland. Is it French lavender or just the ordinary one?
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  • If it is in the ground and it is 'ordinary' lavender it should be fine. Leave the flower stalks for now to provide a modicum of protection and tidy them up in spring.
    French lavender, the one with a tuft on top, is less hardy and would benefit from some kind of protection, maybe potted up and in a GH or cold frame.
  • DesthemoanerDesthemoaner FlintshirePosts: 182
    It's ordinary lavender, so I'll leave the stalks on.

    Many thanks for both responses. 
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