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Onion novice - challenging location

I have some onion seed and would like have a go at growing it. The challenging location is Brazil, as it is very warm. I have heard onion seed will not germinate in warm temperatures. I have also heard it will pre-germinate in cold water in the fridge. I tried growing it from sets but they were pretty small. Come on guys, help me out on this. One other piece of info that may help, the rainy season is coming up, but winter is very dry - and not very cold.


  • barry islandbarry island Posts: 1,054
    I prefer to grow onions from seed and start them off with bottom warmth around 20 c deg they prefer to grow in full sun and require good drainage, if the ground is too wet plant them in a ridge.
  • SkandiSkandi Northern DenmarkPosts: 1,005
    The biggest thing you need to make sure of is that you have short day onions. British (or any European variety) will not do well at your latitude. If the sets you tried were long day onions that would be why they did not do well.
    I also germinate my seeds at around 18-20C so unless you have a very warm winter I doubt germination will be an issue.
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