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Kale pest? Millipedes

Hi all,

One of my kale plants was looking a bit limp like when cabbage root maggot is there so I pulled it. It came out easily like the roots were eaten through and instead of maggots it was what looks like millipedes. Are they a pest or a symptom of the plant not doing well for whatever reason so they moved in - what do you think? Maybe they aren’t even millipedes!


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    Millipedes have soft mouth parts so tend to eat and thus process decaying matter and are good garden friends.   If they are in your kale or other plants suc as spuds they're most likely following damage made by a previous pest such as slugs or cabbage root fly maggots which, in this case, may well be in their next part of the life cycle and no longer there to be recognised as the culprits for your limp plant.
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  • Very helpful, thank you! I found cabbage fly root maggots at the base of one plant and slug eggs at the base of another so I’ve a choice of what to blame.
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    They're ganging up  ;)

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    What have you done to get rid of them then?
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