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Garden Feature Solar Chargers - Greyed over

May not be the correct place.

Many of my Garden features (Owl etc) using a battery solar charger with a multicolour led on the underside. The small solar panels have greyed over with a white powder type substance and cannot be rubbed off.

I did earlier in the year clean them with Bicarbonate Soda and toothbrush and smeared Vaseline to help prevent the clouding. 
Any tips of how to clean and prevent the cloud substance forming different than already done.

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  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,587
    Instead of the vaseline, try cleaning the area with toothpaste rubbed on with a soft cloth, and then when it is clean and dry, smear washing up liquid on, and then let that dry.  We use this method to stop dive masks steaming up.
  • Many solar powered 'garden things' (including some I bought) have the solar cell covered with resin (likely epoxy) instead of glass and the surface does physically degrade over time and turns white.  The way I restored mine was to use fine-grade emery paper (800) to take the white stuff off then a finer grade to polish it back clear the best I could, finishing off with a coat of clear acrylic spray.  The toothpaste sounds like a great idea to do the final polish fb - I'll try that next time.
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  • Thanks,

    I tried the toothpaste route and found it harder to remove than the Bicarb/Baking powder.

    I've got some Acrylic Lacquer, I'll give it try.
    South Monmouthshire stuck in the middle between George and the Dragon
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