Year End Roundup

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Well as promised a round up of my harvest/experiments for this year.  First cucumbers. Better than last year with a third as many, mainly due to mini cucumbers being so prolific ( not as good as @Pete8 😀) courgettes up but only by a few. Raspberries good crop, strawberries poor. French beans a bumper crop. Sweetcorn alot of work for a few ears not sure will bother next year. Spring onions,red, will grow again loved them. Finally tomatoes.  My experiment on leaf removal found this. The Alicante didn't seem to do any better or worse for the removal of half as many leaves from one set of plants, also it was the first to die back, in both groups, week's before the others. Gardeners Delight are still producing and they do seem to be holding on longer on the plants with more leaves left on , but it did cause problems with bent trusses of heavy fruit that were missed because they couldn't be seen easily. Black Russian won't grow again poor cropping,  and sungold poor crop. Black Cherry still producing and best flavour will get again. Overall I may leave more leaves until later in the season than I would have done, but will still open the areas around the trusses to help the ripening process as I don't think we can rely on such s long growing season every year.😁 Overall a heavy crop of tomatoes. Well that was my year, how was yours.


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    Didn't count or weigh anything but the first crop we harvested en masse was red onions planted last autumn.  Poor crop with a wide range of sizes but good flavour.   Won't grow them again.   First ever crop of garlic and it's fab.   Growing that again.

    OH got me to plant potatoes so I did but in raised beds with no earthing up.  Very good crop from each of the Charlotte seed potatoes and no troubles but flavour not exceptional.  Bintjes are still in the ground so no news on cropping.

    Planted far too many tomatoes and have had huge crops.  Best flavour from red, orange and yellow varieties of marmande, yellow pear, banana, green zebra and San Marzano.  Others were good too but I haven't yet found the labels to see which of those to grow again.  Very disappointed with black Crimea and smaller version of Brandywine.

    Loads of courgetees and pumpkins are ripening well but haven't yet been tasted.  Beetroot and assorted brassicas have done well but Provençal salad mix was hopeless as was the sweetcorn.  Not bothering with those again.

    We have had some galia melons and water melons in the PT.   Not sure I'll bother again as the local Charentais melons are much sweeter and very cheap.   Cucamelons were horrid and were pulled up after the first taste.  Yellow peppers are only just ripening.

    Yet to harvest are fartichokes and sweet potatoes.
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    The cucumbers (Cucino) were undoubtedly the star performer this year. The final tally was 293 cucumbers from the single plant. Needless to say I'll be growing another next year.
    Tomatoes were good when they eventually started to ripen.
    Suncherry - Very pretty, but average flavour - will try something different next year.
    Sungold - very good as always, but not a heavy cropper
    Rosella - excellent flavour and very good yield
    Shirley - as always reliable, good flavour and good yield
    Sparta - a bit larger than Shirley, similar flavour and good yield

    Runner beans White Lady - picked the 1st on 18th sept! (due to weather) since when there have been masses and masses of them. Very nice and will grow again
    French Beans (Laguna) good crop and good taste
    Carrots - Flyaway - good crop, good flavour
    Lettuce - Little Gem and Amaze - very good, but some bolted
    Sweetcorn Swift - 33 cobs from 8 plants. Very good
    Spinach & Chard - more than I know what to do with 
    Beetroot - Bolthardy - good beets and good flavour
    Kale - Nero di Toscana - excellent as always
    Calabrese Ironman - fantastic looking heads, but masses of caterpillars in the heads (so all composted) wont grow broccoli/calabrese again
    Spring Onion - after many years I still have no success with them 
    Sprouts - Maximus - look good but not ready yet
    Peppers - Marconi - so far not a single one! - usually have a good crop and they are excellent roasted
    Peppers - Snackbite - usually get lots, but poor crop this year. Very sweet
    Chili - Superchilli - masses
    Chili - Jalapeno - My fave chili

    Raspberries - Glen ??? (their 1st year) Very nice
    Blueberries - Patriot (nice, good crop) - Ozarkblue (delicious, excellent crop) - Herbert (outstanding flavour, but the birds got most of 'em..)
    Apples - Katy - not a single one - usually get 10's of kilos
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