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Reducing Bowles Mauve size

linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 160
Hi there.  I have a large clump of Bowles Mauve Wallflower (originally two plants) in my border that seems to be doing well - a little *too* well, really - as it's grown into a patch that's getting a tad big for its boots!  When is the best time to perhaps splice the clump in half, please?  (I won't throw away what is surplus to requirements; I shall give it to my stepdad to plant in his border).  Many thanks in advance.  :)


  • PerkiPerki Rossendale - LancashirePosts: 1,994
    Take cutting or buy new, they don't regenarate when cut into hard wood. 
  • Take cuttings anyway - they tend to flower themselves to death, yours may well be  nearing the end of its life!
  • linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 160
    Thanks for getting back to me Perki and Buttercupdays (and apologies for the delay in replying).   Perki, as far as I can see there's no hard wood yet; I bought these as smaller plants this year (and they've grown hugely!).  I've heard that they can go woody and 'leggy' after three to four years and that's when to replace them.  So to summarise, they're quite young...and big for their boots!  Would it still be ok to reduce their size seeing as they're still young?  Thank you for any advice.  :) 
  • Yours may be getting a more generous diet than mine, but I haven't found that they increase hugely in size after the first year. The stems toughen up and they get more branches, but the leaves are often a bit smaller. The flower stems can be very long though which makes them appear bigger.
    If their size is really an inconvenience where they are, you could always move them to where there is more space, or grow cuttings and replace next year. It is hard to cut back a plant and still retain its natural charm.
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 7,394
    If you dig the plant up Linzijayne, you may be able to gently disentangle the two original plants. You could then replant one of them
  • linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 160
    Hi again Buttercupdays; thanks again for your feedback.  I don't feed my Bowles Mauve anything at all, so I don't know what foodstuff is in my soil!?!  :)  I know what you mean about reducing the size and it not looking as nice; I shall definitely take that into consideration.  Thanks again for your help.  :) 
  • linzijayne74linzijayne74 Droitwich, WorcestershirePosts: 160
    Hi Lizzie27, hope you're well.  Yes, I think I may gently take the whole clump up (well, my husband will!) and let my stepdad have one half.  My border isn't as big as I'd like so the mammoth growth of said plant has taken me by surprise!  I'm sure my stepdad will like it when he gets it; I really don't like throwing healthy plants away.  Thank you very much for your help.  :)
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