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HELP! (Schefflera)

HELP! Any tips on how to bring my schefflera back to life? I deeply neglected it and want to have a go at revitalising it before I give up on it. I've recently repotted it and there is some new leaves however the leaves aren't as green as they should be and I'm not sure if many of the small branches will grow back. 


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,849
    Patience!  Great gardening virtue.

    Give it time.  Maybe push in some of those little baton feed sticks you can get for foliage houseplants and make sure it neither goes thirsty nor gets drowned.   Keep it out of draughts.

    Light levels are reducing quickly now as winter approaches so just be happy that it doesn't die and wait to see if improved light levels and TLC give it a nudge next spring.
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