Non-flowering penstemons

GrannybeeGrannybee Sunny South EnglandPosts: 192

I took some penstemon cuttings of 'sour grapes' last year. They rooted quickly and were planted in the garden this spring. However, despite healthy growth, there has not been a single flower. The soil is poor & stony.

Is there something I've forgotten to do?



  • punkdocpunkdoc Sheffield, Derbyshire border.Posts: 6,717
    I have found they do much better in a moist, fairly rich soil.
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 3,803
    They like full sun or partial shade @Grannybee , and a reasonably fertile soil, not too rich. Possibly yours are in too poor a soil ?
  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 4,502
    I can vouch for fertile soil that's reasonably moist too, and a sunny position.
    I grow SG and several others and they all do well in such conditions for me
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  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 2,007
    Grannybee…. you are not alone, they didn't bloom for me either, and in better conditions...   I'm rather hoping the winter finishes them off...
  • Janie BJanie B LincolnshirePosts: 410
    Oooh...was just thinking about taking some penstemon cuttings... Raven and Garnet... will bear that in mind (about the soil). X
  • JemulaJemula Posts: 67
    The only penstemon to flower well in my garden is the low spreading one with blue flowers.   Not sure whether it's Electric Blue or Heavenly Blue, but it's very good in free draining soil, unlike others I have tried - good growth but no flowers.
  • B3B3 Posts: 9,070
    Mine did ok this year in heavy clay, sun and neglect, but I suspect they would've done better with a bit of tlc :) 
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  • Papi JoPapi Jo Brittany, France Posts: 1,918
    B3 said:
    Mine did ok this year in heavy clay, sun and neglect, but I suspect they would've done better with a bit of tlc :) 
    "TLC" This acronym comes up regularly on this forum and I still fail to understand what it means. Is it some stuff that you get from garden centres? An American girl group? Tender Love and Care? Or one of the 137 other possibilities to be found at  ;)
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  • GrannybeeGrannybee Sunny South EnglandPosts: 192
    Oh thank you everyone for your comments. I am glad that it is not just me! I will add some compost & rotted manure and hope that next year is better. If not, then it's out! Plants have to earn their keep in my garden. I'm not  too good on the tlc for ungrateful plants!
  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 3,803
    Don't go too mad with manure @Grannybee, they might like it too much and produce loads of foliage and still no flowers! Compost is okay though. Tlc and a bit of tough love at the same time !  :)
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