What's happened to my grass and what is the best way to rectify it?

I moved into my new build property approximately 2 years ago and I've tried to keep on top of my grass ever since.  I've fed twice this year and watered it throughout the really hot summer we had.  It was looking really good for most of the year.  However, approximately 2 months ago it started to brown.  At that point I watered the grass more frequently, but that didn't seem to stop the grass from browning further.  Now a large portion of the garden is brown, and when I pull a clump of it gently, it just pulls out in clumps leaving only the soil below.  If anyone could suggest a potential cause and/or the best fix for this, I'd be extremely grateful.      


  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 2,388
    You have to scarify your lawn (rake vigorously) and also spike it. It's very compacted soil. Hopefully, there is enough moisture in your soil to do both tasks. Once done, you can re-seed or wait until next spring to do that. 
  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 22,867
    Similar to what Borderline has said - the dead stuff [thatch] needs to be raked out. The autumn and winter rains will help revive the remaining grass [grass is very resilient ] and then you can address the weeds which have taken advantage of the weakened grass, and reseed the patches which haven't recovered.
    I'd leave that weed and seed project till spring though. I doubt if grass seed would germinate successfully now. You can remove weeds by hand in the meantime, if you can be bothered!
    Most of all - don't worry about it. Many people have lawns that look like that after the heat this summer  :)
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