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Moving a Wisteria and Camelia

Hi guys

See image of 2 Camelias and a Wisteria. We are extending the house and need to move them. Any recommendations on when (house build commences late March 2019) and what kind of new positioning/soil would suit them? They don't need to stay together.

Thanks for your wisdom!


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 12,421
    Unfortunately I think your camelia (if it's the big one on the corner) is too big to move and will have an extensive root system. The wisteria looks a little younger, so you could try cutting it back before you try to move it - best done when its dormant after all the leaves have fallen.  A camelia , being evergreen, would normally be repotted in April after flowering, but as it's got to be dug up anyway, I guess any time in mild weather between now and next March.  You might be able to get your builder in with a mini digger to scoop another hole somewhere else and drop it in really quickly which might help.
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  • Lizzie, much appreciated, let’s gamble in April for the camellia then!

    will fit the wisteria back soon, thanks for that tip
  • Hi the camelia is a large healthy looking specimen, if I was moving it I would dig around
    the root leaving a healthy root ball. with your spade tilt the bush slightly and place a
    hessian bag underneath to move it, retaining as much root as possible. Plant in a new prepared hole and it should be ok. the wisteria should be moved in the same way. They both like eracatus soil, I garden on clay so would add compost before sinking the root.

  • Great! Thanks a lot John
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