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Can I plant warm season grasses now or overwinter in pots to plant in spring?

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I've bought some warm season ornamental grasses and only now discover that they should ideally be planted in spring! Can anyone advise on whether I could put them in the ground now (I'm gardening on free draining sandy soil in a sheltered spot in East Anglia) or would it be safer to pot them on and overwinter in a protected spot for spring planting?

The grasses in question are Panicum virgatum (Shenandoah), Pennisetum alop. Hameln, Calamagrostis brachytricha (not entirely sure if this is warm season) and Miscanthus Morning Light.

Any advice much appreciated, I really don't want to lose these plants, even if they were a bargain in the sales ... !


  • The general rule for all grasses is to plant in the spring, when growth starts and they are raring to go, other wise they may sulk and go into a decline.
    I would pot them all, the Pennisetum will need especial care as they need higher temps and better conditions than is usual in British winters. The Miscanthus is definitely hardy when established, ours came through last winter unscathed, and the other two should be ok too, once they get going.

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  • Thank you both, I'll pot them up for the spring :)
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