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Is now too late to sow seeds like salad, spinach and pak choi?

PageZPageZ Posts: 87
Hi All.
I just wonder if it is tool late now to sow seeds such as salad, spinach and pak choi?
I did sow some about 1 month ago outdoor and they are growing very slowly. Therefore I am not sure if it is worth sowing another batch?
Many thanks for your advice!


  • raisingirlraisingirl Posts: 6,653
    edited October 2018
    It depends where you are. Most leafy plants need temperatures to stay above about 9C (including at night) to grow. It's already starting to regularly drop below that here, but if you're in a warmer area, you may get right through November before it's consistently too cold.

    Spinach and pak choi will 'stand' in cold weather - i.e. they won't die, but they won't grow much. In warmer areas of the country, you may still have time to grow a 'catch' crop of baby spinach if you sow a lot and harvest early. 

    But on the whole if they haven't already germinated and got at least a few roots, you probably need to be growing under cover now. Salads especially probably just won't germinate.

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  • PageZPageZ Posts: 87
    Thank you raisingirl!I should have mentioned the area I am in. It is south yorkshire. I think I will give up the idea of sowing seeds now. :p
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