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Clematis Hybrid the President.

BurtsnestBurtsnest Posts: 174
This is the first clematis I have grown.  I planted in spring.  It had a couple of flowers. Then in early winter it flowered again.  I have read this in in pruning group 2 however I'm a little confused as to where I should cut back to and if to cut back now. It looks in a right sorry state but I noticed this morning new growth on the top of the right stem. Thanks in advance. 


  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 11,180
    I wouldn't cut it back until early spring, when new shoots start appearing. Then, because it's a bit straggly, being a young plant, I would cut it back quite a lot, in order to encourage more new shoots from the base. At that time, give it a good water and a good mulch of manure (leaving a gap between the manure and the stems). Also, looking at the leaves, they have been chewed by something - possibly vine weevils perhaps which may need some treatment if others agree with me.
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  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    Agree with Lizzie be brave in spring. Not sure of leaf chewers identity. But do protect the new shoots next year, slugs and snails love the new stems.
    Was it a little "liner" pot (around 8 cm), typically sold in supermarkets.
    These are a good source of popular easy grow clematis if one does not have a big budget for large specimens.
    A Big "But" is that they do need some love and care until they get bigger.
  • Smaller, notch shaped holes along the border of leaves, could be vine weevil. Their grubs are the worst for potted plants, because they feed on the roots and can cause plant death. In open soil, not as much of a problem. The adults are flightless beetles that cause some leaf damage but generally it's unsightly, rather than deadly. There are pheromone traps for the adults but I've never used them.

    The other leaf damage that shows in the photo as more extensive ragged chunks taken out of leaves, could be a caterpillar of some sort.
  • Best to chop it hard back now, to just above the first leaf-joint, then water regularly. Get a good root system. Please keep us updated. Also, it's a cultivar not a hybrid, if it is The President.
  • BurtsnestBurtsnest Posts: 174
    Thank you all for your advice.  Firstly, yes @Rubytoo it was a shop bought one. I have always loved clematis but have had awful look trying to grow them. This is the furthest I have got with one and am nursing it like a small child.

    @dappledshade it is planted in the border.  I will look into vine weevil thanks. The caterpillars have had a munch. But the plant always seems to bounce back thankfully.

    @Richard Hodson I can't tell you how pleased I am just to have kept it alive this long. I'm watering every couple of days with rainwater and following all advice. I will cut it now and hope for the best. I'm sure I'll be rewarded in spring. Apologies regarding the name. On the label it states "Hybrid" The President 🤨 thanks for the correction. At least I hope that is what i have.

    I WILL grow a clematis! 😂
  • RubytooRubytoo Posts: 1,323
    Good Luck, I hope you did not think I was being rude, I read my reply after and thought saying budget might have implied...  dunno .
     I got the clematis bug a couple of years ago, and had some failures, but if you can nurse them on a bit, these little ones are a good way to get a feel for growing them without having to wait for seed, or losing much bigger expensive ones. Always more painful :D

    I have bought several little liners at the supermarket the last few years and grown them on. Viticellas like Madame Julia Correvon (red) are nice and easy (she is one of my old favourites). Etoile violette is a purple one that is also a good easy one to grow and stems seem to multiply fast.
    I do buy more expensive ones from specialists like Richard, they are of course worthy of being supported or how else would we get these plants.  :) And it is the time and expertise we pay for.

    Sorry rambling. Burtsnest Good Luck with your Baby who will hopefully grow up to be a big President.
  • BurtsnestBurtsnest Posts: 174
    @Rubytoo not at all I really value your advice.  Thank you ♡ Yours sound beautiful.i shall look up  Madame Julia Correvon (red)  if it's a little easier.  I am determined to grow one ha. Maybe when I become a little more confident in the garden I will treat myself to one from a more reputable specialist (that would be nice) but for now I'm just going to concentrate on keeping this one alive. Thanks for your wishes. It's much appreciated.  
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