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Greenhouse heating



  • Celia47Celia47 Posts: 14
    Wow! thank you BarryIsland that sound very involved but worth a thought. I assume from your name you are in Wales too - I am north of Carmarthen so a bit further west and a bit more rain.
    Thanks also, Hogweed. I have seen the heat under the sand on GW but forgot about that idea.
    Lots to think about over the winter but the general idea seems to be sew seed March onwards.
  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 3,431
    Also got a 6 x 2 lean to use, a tubular heater, economy 7, but it stay on in he days as well during really cold periods.that one is used for storing tender exotics, second one 8 x 6 is bubble wrapped, things like pelargoniums, citrus, extra layer of bubble wrap thrown over plants on frosty nights, seems to work well.
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