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Identification of succulent requested

A prizewinning entry at a local horticultural show in the succulent class was a plant the owner referred to as a "wooden pineapple", he did not know its proper name. I was unable to take a photo so can only give a written description. The plant grew from a cork-like structure shaped like a pineapple (having the hexagonal structure typical of pineapple) that sat on the surface of the soil. The stem branched in such a way that it could be trained along a series of canes, forming a structure a foot or more high. The leaves were a shiny mid-green similar to ivy in shape. It was starting to develop flower buds in October. The owner kept it dry until September, then soaked it which caused it to flower. A very striking plant which many people commented on. Any ideas on what it might be would be appreciated.


  • Sounds like Dioscorea elephantipes, akaTestudinaria elephantipes.
  • Yes, I have looked at photos on the internet and that is exactly the plant. Thank you so much, I would never have been able to find it myself. Well done for knowing from my vague description and no photo.
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 3,062
    Only just seen this thread , and a good ID from Alan :).

    One of many plants in a group known as caudiciform succulents ; we used to grow a strange assortment of these at the nursery during the 80's .
    The caudex is a large water storage organ , often found growing underground in habitat .
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