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How to save this cactus/suculent

wiskers2245wiskers2245 south shieldsPosts: 19
My cactus has been living in a greenhouse just fine, but now looks like this. I'm guessing it's dehydrated but I don't know. How can I save it?

Also does anyone know what it's called? It didn't come with a name tag.


  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 7,497
    It's an aloe of some kind, a bit hard to tell in the state it's in sorry. Step one is get it out of the clear pot and into a terracotta pot with a suitable compost mix. Either buy cactus compost of mix John Innes No2 with about a third sharp grit for drainage. They can tollerate a drought so lack of water probably wasn't the issue. The growth in the middle looks healthy though so you should be able to save it with proper care.
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  • wiskers2245wiskers2245 south shieldsPosts: 19
    Thanks for the advice, I'll do that.
  • Paul B3Paul B3 Posts: 2,964
    Hello wiskers2245

    Your Aloe is probably A.ferox or more likely A.marlothii ; both very similar .
    Older leaves on these plants tend to curl up and die like yours is showing signs of .

    The central section appears fine . If you wish to tidy it up , get a good pair of strong gloves and a long breadknife or something similar . Cut of the old brown leaves as near to the main stem as possible ; they are very fleshy and cut easily . Leave to callous and don't worry about it . Refrain from watering , probably until next Spring ; they can withstand quite severe frost if in a g/house , and dryness throughout the Winter . Mine tolerate 6-months of complete dryness !!
    It will look a bit odd with just a solitary trunk temporarily , but next summer will soon 'grow out of it' and appear as normal .
    Plenty of rainwater and low-nitrogen plant food will help next year .

    Apart from my advice here , wild edges comment is good to follow ! :)
  • wiskers2245wiskers2245 south shieldsPosts: 19
    Thanks Paul B3.
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