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Rose help, please @Marlorena!

Janie BJanie B LincolnshirePosts: 834
Hi there @Marlorena... you have been so helpful on the other rose thread, I thought I'd pick your brains a little more... I know you have said that Scarborough Fair would be great for a mixed pink/purple cottage style border... do you have any other knockout roses that would fit the bill...? white/pink/purpley flowers, not too tall, great fragrance... Many thanks! Jane 


  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361
    @Janie B

    Hi Janie,... thanks for asking me this wonderful question...
    There are so many, and I'll get back to you later with some favourites of mine, but first off let me say 'Scepter'd Isle' is a must have, fragrant, always blooming, blush white shrub rose, knockout fragrance... healthy,.. upright blooms that don't droop... it's a winner all the way for me...  
    let me get back to you later with a few more...
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361
    These are some of my favourite pink or white roses Janie... I don't have all of them now, my garden isn't big enough.. some are newer, some are old fashioned, those you have to put up with disease issues or spray.. I put up with it, as I find disease only erupts in my garden during late June to mid August, after the first main flush...

    I grow some old French roses that are not available in this country, so I won't mention those...and obviously I have so many I enjoy it's difficult to name just one or two...

    Old Fashioned roses that are compact in growth with pruning... 
    'Mme. Isaac Pereire'.. old French rose, wonderful scent, repeats...deep pink, huge blooms, quartered shape..
    'Mrs John Laing'..  repeats, disease pressures if untreated, but a magnificent shrub rose at its best, scented upright flowers, medium to dark pink..
    'Comte de Chambord'... 4 x 3 foot, lovely old fashioned scented rose, disease pressure from July...
    'Felicia'... do try and fit this one in, a hybrid musk rose... beautiful blush pink bloom, 5 x 5 foot, spreading shrub, quite healthy, always in bloom... spectacular at its best..

    Austins and modern roses..
    'The Ancient Mariner'... 5 x 5 foot, or larger,  huge blooms, sweetly scented, quite healthy, still blooming now...
    'Munstead Wood'.. dark purple, almost black, redder/pink in hot weather... very sweetly scented, thorny.. about 3 x 3, front of border.. 
    'Evelyn' / 'Abraham Darby'... these may be discontinued by the breeder because they're out of patent,  but still available elsewhere.. huge blooms, lovely scent...  'Evelyn' in particular is still sought after..
    'Minerva'.. Belgium bred, gorgeous scent, purple blooms, front of border..
    'Forever Royal'... carefree, easy going floribunda... medium sweet/musk scent, purple, always in flower all summer long.... 4 or 5 foot by about 3 foot..
    'Midnight Blue' this will be new for me, but I've heard such good things about it... almost thornless, purple flowers, great scent... what's not to like going on here.. I'm looking forward to growing this rose..
    I've also heard good things about 'Twice In A Blue Moon' [not 'Blue Moon']..
    For white roses, I love 'Desdemona'... and 'Lichfield Angel'... I grow these as part of a hedge..

    some photos to follow...  I don't grow 'Gertrude Jekyll'.. because when I did it wanted to grow as a climber, it's very, very thorny, and I couldn't put up with it... 
  • Janie BJanie B LincolnshirePosts: 834
    Thanks for that comprehensive reply, much appreciated! I'll have a little google of them all later. X
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361
    All of the above have great scents... I also love 'Royal Jubilee' and 'Gentle Hermione' for scent and beauty of flower.. both 5 x 5 footers..

    'Felicia' a hybrid musk rose... always in bloom, sweet scent...

    ...this is 'Scepter'd Isle'... about 4 x 4 foot..

    ...this rose is new to me, but I love the colour and the scent is a knockout..

    The Ancient Mariner produces blooms enough for many vases in the house..

    'Anne Boleyn' roses amongst Astrantia 'Roma'.. 'Desdemona' rose is behind..

    'Lichfield Angel' exquisite first bloom of the season..

    'Scepter'd Isle' and 'Forever Royal' roses, taken today..

  • HazybHazyb Posts: 329
    On Wednesday I ordered my first rose - Scepter'd Isle.  Very pleased to see that it is recommended by Marlorena! :) 

    So hard to pick from so many gorgeous roses...
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361
    @Hazyb couldn't have chosen better.... I know you'll love it..
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 329
    Thank you :)

    I know it will be at its best in year 3 from reading your posts. 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361

    ...such a beautiful rose...
  • Janie BJanie B LincolnshirePosts: 834
    I have spent the last hour or so checking out all your wonderful suggestions
    @Marlorena ("Not on flower porn again, are you?" said my OH as he brought me a cuppa...). At the moment I'm thinking maybe Scepterd Isle, Desdemona and Munstead Wood to provide a good contrast in colour... but I also love the frilliness of Felicia... too many decisions... thanks so much for your time and advice, really appreciated (and so much quicker response than when I've emailed David Austin for advice!). 
  • MarlorenaMarlorena East AngliaPosts: 6,361
    @Janie B

    ..oh you're very welcome, I hope I didn't blind you too much with choice... it's very easy for me to do I'm afraid...    those you are considering are all wonderful in their own way, and hugely popular, for good reasons...   best of luck with your roses...
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