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Hi all,

we’ve been growing a grapevine for the last couple of years and it’s really taken off this year and grown right up the structure I’ve built for it, which it’s now shot above. I’m going to run a couple of timbers horizontally across to the bean grower on the same veg patch as can be seen in the photos. so I’ve just a couple of questions:

1. Should I run this across now before the winter?
2. I read that grapevines should be trimmed each year or grapes won’t eventually grow, is this correct or should I leave this to grow as large as possible for longer?
3. The last couple of winters I’ve kept this wrapped in fleece to keep the frost from it, will I need to do this each winter or just until it’s established?

really appreciate any help, very much a novice!


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,504
    I dont really understand how you want to train it ? say if you train part of it horizontally just above the little poly tunnel you will get side shoot forming growing vertically from it this will have you grapes on, grapevines always want to grow up, it not the best explanation  :/  

    Grape vines are pruned to keep them in shape otherwise they go bonkers, they will still form grapes without pruning. It can also help ripen the grapes allowing sunlight in.  Grapes can be pruned hard in winter ( January ) and are continuously pruned through summer to stop them getting out of hand.

    Most Grape vines are hard , it may depend on the variety on cold tolerance. The new green stems are most likely to be damaged in a cold spell. 

    This is my grapevine, can you see the main rod going horizontal with laterals / sideside growing vertically.
  • This summer was a great one for grapevines. We have one growing in our garden, and the harvest was a real surprise this year. It was enough for us, for the neighbours on the other side of the fence, where the vine spread, for birds and for a lot of insects :)

    In our garden the grapevine grows up the fence, spreading across and up, it would be to heavy for a bean grower, at some stage yours probably will try and attach itself to the fence too.

    We only prune what doesn't look good or grows in a wrong direction, as we want it to be as big as possible both for ornamental reason and as a bit of additional privacy screen, adding height to the fence.

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 30,021
    You need to train it horizontally to get fruiting spurs.   I suggest you have a read of this info from the RHS to start with -

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