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Aquilegia Plants from seed

The Aquilegia seeds I planted in the summer are now big enough to move on, I bought the seeds on line and they came in a small plastic bag with no instructions. my question is, what is my best option, to keep them in the Greenhouse over winter, (I may need to pot them on again if I do that) and plant them out next spring, or to plant them out in the garden now, although it is  already quite cold overnight here.  I'd be grateful for any advice  you can offer, I have looked in my gardening books and on line and can't seem to find  the answer.

Many thanks



  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,721
    If they are small seedlings, I would pot them on into 7 cm pots, and stand in a cold frame for the winter, If the roots already fill a 7cm pot, I would plant them out now into the final position. The soil is still fairly warm and they will establish better. They will die down in winter and reappear in Spring.
  • Thank you! I will plant them out, might keep a few in the cold frame as insurance though.

    Really appreciate you  responding so quickly and your advice.

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