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Winterizing hibiscus trees

I have two questions:

One) Two years ago I purchased a Hibiscus tree which was potted. It was placed on a very sunny deck getting approximately eight hours of sunshine each day. Result was beautiful flowers all summer long. I brought the tree and pot indoors prior to the first frost.

It started to lose leaves, within 30 days and although I kept it moist and fertilized it with 25-8-20  (advice given to me by the local nursery.)

I provided artificial sunlight however it kept losing leaves and looked as though it was dead. In the spring, I pruned it back, removing all the branches that were dried out, leaving only the branches that appeared to be alive with some sap in them. 

I almost gave up on the tree, yet after about 30 days, luxurious leaves appeared and continued appearing into a full bush. However, not a sign of a bud or flower. I’m about to bring the tree inside, and wondered how I should treat it?

Two) This spring, I purchased a similar hibiscus tree in a pot. It took some time to flower, however when it did, I have beautiful full blooms. I use the same fertilizer (25-8-20). I'm about to bring the tree inside and wondered how I should look after it? and will will and will in all of the city's so as


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    Hello jaxdiggs. Where are you situated? I think that Part Two of your message got a bit muddled. If you move your Hibiscus undercover and keep it frost free and only water it when the soil feels dry it should be fine. Do not give it any fertiliser in the Winter. Do not worry if some of the leaves turn yellow and drop off as this is pretty normal. It might look a bit tatty before Spring but will recover when the weather gets warmer.
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  • What type of Hibiscus is it?  I thought they were very hardy, why bring it inside?

    The dry summer might have prevented it flowering, did you water it much during that period?
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    There are two kinds.  One is hardy and can be left outside in the ground.  These are deciduous and lose their leaves in autumn.   The others are evergreen and from the tropics so are houseplants.   

    We have both kinds.  The houseplant has been outside for its summer hols but came inside last week now that night time temps are dropping.  It is now in front of a sunny, east facing window so gets sun till about 1pm and then plenty of light.  Flowering its head off at the mo.

    The outdoor ones are shutting down with very few flowers now and the leaves just starting to turn.   This is normal.
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    As stated by previous posters there are 2 kinds of hibiscus.
    • Hibiscus syriacus is a garden plant
    • Hibiscus rosa sinensis is a houseplant
    Which one do you have? 
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