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Hibiscus, leaves yellowing

I have just planted out a lilac coloured Hibiscus which I have had on the patio in a pot since it was very young. It is approximately 4/5 yrs old. The leaves were looking very yellow (which I believe to be due to over watering) and it hardly ever flowered (just a few and only small). My question is, should I give it something to help it settle in and reduce yellowing, such as Epsom salts?   thanks


  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,645
    It's autumn so the leaves will be turning.  Make sure it's watered in well and during dry spells while it still has leaves.   Give it some bonemeal forked in gently around the roots to help it grow strong roots this winter and improve plant health and flowering.  Next spring, give it blood, fish and bonemeal to promote healthy all round growth and flowers.
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