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butternut squash

I was given this plant by a friend, no idea of the variety, have just picked one, its a beast weighs 96oz, as it was 3d here this morning and various weather folk have been mentioning the "F" word, had a look at different sites to see whether it would need protecting.  they all said pick before frost, but also to cure, and dry like onions and potatos, one site said to leave them out in the sun for a week, well course, its sunny now, what happens when it is cold at night, second site said to cure and dry indoors at a temp of 20d for 2 I have to do this or    can I just cook it, thought this one would be lovelly for soup, smaller one to stuff and roast.


  • You only need them to ripen fully ('cure') if you intend to store them for use over the winter.  Get it in the oven! :D
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  • Thanks Bob, saw lots of folks had read my post, but no replies, thought I cant be the only one who has grown these, think this one will be soup (and frozen) because its so big the small one, I have a fab recipe, stuffed, with courgettes already froze them, fetta,chilli.
  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,051
    I grew them last year. Hubby just cut them into cubes and froze them. 
    He defrosts them before making risotto with them.
  • Hosta, have already got a bag of squash risotto in the freezer, have to get the old man to cut it up, my wristes wont do it.
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