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cinders in my garden

Hi, I hope someone can help, the problem with my front garden seems odd - it is full of cinders and some bricks. I only have to dig a couple of inches to find compacted cinders. I have managed to remove some of them using brute force and a drill so I can plant flowers and shrubs, but I'm wondering what to do about the cinders and how they got there in the first place and also will my plants live in such conditions? Thanks, Jane


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,233
    Old properties often used to have cinder paths.   I have an old farm track under part of my garden. If I am digging a planting hole, I remove as much brick as possible from that hole. The rest I leave. It has excellent drainage. Sometimes too good, especially in this hot summer we have had.
  • wild edgeswild edges Posts: 9,893
    It sounds like you'd be better off creating raised beds on top of what's already there. Have you tested the soil PH to see what the conditions are like?
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  • Thank you both, really useful. I considered a raised bed, but it would only be shallow. I tested the phone in the back and it is alkali, I haven't tested the front. I think it has been used for cinders, the house was built in 1947. I've just checked the plants and the shrubs are growing and the lilac is too, so fingers crossed. 😊
  • I agree with @wild edges go for raised beds. Even if you only add a little soil & preferably compost on top each year in time you will improve the soil considerably.
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