Slimy spring onions.

BurtsnestBurtsnest North westPosts: 165
Hi, I have recently tried growing my own spring onions.  Chopped off the rooted ends of shop bought ones. Planted them in general compost and popped on a shelf in the kitchen watered regularly.  They grew really well. Once at a decent size I chopped off leaving a couple of inches at the bulb to continue to grow.  When chopping them to use they felt a little slimy rather than crisp leaving a slimy residue. They looked fine. Could anyone offer me advice as to what this was. (First time ever growing any vegetable) thanks in advance. 


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 13,344
    Generally, you should try growing spring onions from seed. Sprinkle thinly in a row of soil outside. Prepare the soil well and add a general purpose fertiliser.  Thin to an inch apart.
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  • BurtsnestBurtsnest North westPosts: 165
    Thank you @fidgetbones. I'll give that a go. 
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