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I'm returning to container veg growing which I haven't really done for years, as it's a good way to cheat the slugs. I usually just feed with chicken manure pellets and seaweed extract, but should container veg be getting a more comprehensive liquid feed? Organic tomato feeds seem available, would root veg, spring onions and leaves need something different?

Also, for the veg I'm overwintering, could they do with a liquid feed now, or would it be best to wait til spring? (carrots, spring onins, beetroot, mustard greens).


  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 551
    Most feeds contains marginally different balances of exactly the same thing, typically to make you feel like you need to buy ten different products rather than one; a bit like all those different Nurofen products that are all identical.

    I personally just buy one general purpose and make do with it, just being careful not to over-feed anything.  I've used Miraclo Gro soluble this year.  It's worked fine, decent crops.

    Have you over-wintered carrots before?
  • bookmonsterbookmonster Posts: 268
    Thanks! I haven't, if it doesn't work it's no great loss but the slugs ate my first crop and I had some vacant pots.
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    It's better not to feed carrots. It makes them fork.

    The key with any winter veg is to make sure they don't get too waterlogged. A few canes and some fleece to keep off the worst of the weather will improve your chances of keeping them going long enough to crop.
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