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Selecting potatoes for chitting

We've had a good crop from all of our potatoes, but probably due to the weird summer, more than usual are quite small, and I'm talking about slightly larger than grape size.  I thought about saving these for chitting next spring, so I've cleaned them, put them in a shoebox, punched a few tiny holes in the lid and put them away in the cool dark garage.  Normally we'd buy our chitting potatoes but it seems a shame to chuck these away.  Some of them have gone a bit green too, whilst I made my mind up what to do with them, but I read that doesn't matter for chitting as the new potatoes aren't affected.  Any views? 


  • BLTBLT Posts: 525
    WEll good luck with that lol.. I kept about 8 and replanted then in a potato sack and its in my greenhouse doing well, so I can hopefully have new potatoes for xmas dinner..  It worked last year..
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