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Indoor Cordyline Fruticosa

Hello everyone - I have had a Cordyline for about 6 months as an indoor plant, and repotted it about three weeks ago into a slightly larger terracotta pot. I don't know if it is a coincidence but in the last week or so I have noticed yellowing lower leaves, which have worsened and crept up and now about a third of the plant is affected. It is still producing new leaves but I am anxious that it might be dying! I have also noticed some red blotches on a few of the leaves, and also some white chalky residue on the stem..... Any advice would be most welcome! Thanks.


  • the white stuff looks like a mineral deposit rather than disease/pest, do you have hard water in your area? as it could be scale from the water that's been left over when water has evaporated, or it could be that cordaline's have a waxy covering to the leaves, that could have washed off?

    sometimes new terracotta can have minerals that haven't been washed off since production, it might have caused the yellowing leaves, but it also could be that leaves only last so long before they die and if they're yellowing from the bottom up that might be the cause.

    the spots on the leaves might be a virus or a fungus or it could be damage from water lying on the leaves in the sun? do you use a sprayer on it?
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