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Flea Beetle

What can I use to stop flea beetle attacking my cabbages,pak choi I have done several sowing's both outside and in the greenhouse without any success any would be appreciated.
 Regards Peter


  • The only solution I've found is to plant them in containers and cover with micro fleece - and even then they still sometimes get in!
  • I have tried that to deter them and caterpillars without a lot of success I even had little caterpillars attacking them in the greenhouse they are so tiny you don't see them till its to late and the damage done,I don't know about you but I have never seen so many cabbage white butterflies that we have had this year,but I haven't seen many other sort except holly blues.
  • Yes, caterpillars were also a problem for me this year and managed to evade my defences and get inside the netting tunnels which were meant to be protecting my cabbages. I picked off the large white caterpillars (the stripey, smelly ones) but didn't realised that the small white caterpillars burrow inside the cabbage. When I came back after a week away one lot of cabbages had been completely decimated.
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