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Flamingo Tree problems

I am very new to gardening and this year I bought a Famingo tree. I was extremely pleased as it was doing really well in my garden but about 2 weeks ago life got extremely hectic and it didn’t get watered for quite a few days and unfortunately all the leaves died. I was really upset and cross with myself but I have carried on watering it. Now in amongst the dead leaves there is a lot of new growth. Could someone advise me whether I should remove the dead leaves and part of the branches or just leave them to drop off on their own. I am really hoping I can save this tree but am not sure what the best course of action should be. 


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    Leave it.  Let the new leaves grow and don't cut the stems as these may well produce new growth next spring.   They are deciduous so would lose their leaves anyway in a month or so.  

    Next spring, give it plenty of time for new buds to open and then, in mid May (or when the worst frosts are over) cut back any dead wood to just beyond healthy buds.

    These are willows so needs lots of watering, especially in dry periods.   Give yours the biggest pot you can manage or better still, plant it out in the ground.   Water it well and provide a mulch to reduce water loss. 
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  • Either way with the leaves, it does not matter. keep watering but not too much, once a week until uend of october. You will know if it has survived next spring. An old, but destructive trick, is to scrape a branch with a penknife  if you see green, then it's alive. However this is not reliable.  
  • Thank you for your advise. Much appreciated 
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