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Transplanting - Rose, Geranium, Geum


I have earlier this year created a new front border, and planted the following in it after growing them on in pots:

Geum Mai Tai (x3)
Rose Caron Keating (x1)
Geranium San Album (x3)
Geranium San Striatum (x3)

None of these plants are anywhere near their full size, being in their first season although the Geums look the healthiest. I would like to reposition these to either other areas of the same patch or move them to another part of the garden. When would be the best time to do this? I have a delivery of bulbs, perennials (more geraniums but different types) and 3 shrub roses coming in the next few weeks so it would be ideal to most of these at the same time (bar the tulips which will wait til November)

Would it be possible to do this all in October, maybe the rose needs to wait til November when dormant?

Thanks in advance :smile:


  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    October should be fine. Cut the rose back before you move it. 
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  • I should probably have mentioned .. I have heavy clay, does that make a difference ?

    also to add to the list now .. anemone and a blackberry bush.
  • Roses should be alright in clay soil as long as you dig plant of compost in and some grit to aid drainage,most rose breeders are on mostly heavy soils,your blueberry bush needs Ericaceous compost.I think the best would be to do like I have and grown them in a large pot at least a 60 cm diameter,I hope I have been of some help. Regards Peter
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