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Daphne Perfume Princess - in a pot?

Big Blue SkyBig Blue Sky Posts: 689
edited September 2018 in Problem solving
I have bought a wonderful little Daphne Perfume Princess in a 2 l pot. From what I could find on the internet daphne should normally be planted in the ground, but I don’t seem to have a good spot for her and frankly it just would be more convenient to have her in a pot. So I was wondering if anybody has tried to grow daphne in a pot - in general, or maybe even this particular variety? Does it work at all, what would be a good location (lots of sun, little sun) and what is the smallest size pot I can get away with. Many thanks!
Oh, and from what I read about this vatiety Perfume Princess - it is supposed to be very fragrant and flowering for a very long time, so if anybody is looking to get a daphne for their garden, this one seems to be ticking all the boxes. 😊
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