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Lawn care Autumn 2018

Dear All
after this very dry summer my lawn is now turning greener, but it is very patchy. I was intending to carry out the following:-
1) cut the grass then mechanically scarify.
2) mechanically aerate
3) top dress including levelling uneven areas
4) reseed

however, after looking online, am I too late and should I wait till the spring?

regards Terryc


  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,932
    I am no expert, but my OH has been doing something similar this very day. Depends whereabouts you are in the UK I would guess. We have several lawn experts on the forum, l daresay one will be along shortly.
  • Husband is about to do the same this weekend. We had the lawn turfed this time last year as we were told it was an ideal time to do it. Even though it suffered the hot summer it is now green again but with a few patches to touch up. Go for it😀
  • It's a perfect time to do it now. Are you hiring the machines?
  • Thanks for all your comments they all gave it the thumbs up, so I'll give it a go. My neighbours got a scarifier but I'll have to hire the aerator. I'll let you know how it goes.
    regards Terryc
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