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Abelia Grandiflora - hardiness.

How tough/tender are these in reality? I'd like to plant one at the back of the border at the end of my garden but that would mean it would be exposed to winds from the NW. It would be fairly close to a variegated weigela which I moved about 3 years ago and that has survived and even thrived. Opinions please.


  • Completely hardy. Mine has survived severe winters completely unscathed.
  • BorderlineBorderline Posts: 4,699
    They are fully hardy once established, but you will need to protect them a bit when they are young. They suffer in windy locations. Best planted with protection around them like other plants or a wall.
  • That's great, many thanks both. Think I'll leave getting one until next Spring so it has a chance to get it's roots down, protect it during it's first winter and then cross my fingers. 
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