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Wysteria help please

Hi everyone, 

I bought a wysteria about a month ago and planted it up. I wouldn't say it was flourishing when I bought it, but there has been a noticeable degradation in appearance since. A small amount of leaves look dead, and some (as pictured) have a yellow crickly texture and are slightly droopy and dry to touch. But confusingly there are buds of new growth  

Is this a big cause for concern? Is there any remedial work needed? Any advice would be massively appreciated 


  • It may well have been grown in a polytunnel and be having to adapt to a new life in the open air.
    Did you prepare the ground well, it's going to be there for a long time?
    Did you tease out any tangled roots before planting, and is it planted a little away from the wall, so it is less in a rain shadow?
    Has it been well watered?
    If you answered yes to everything, then you have done all you could and will just have to wait for it to get settled in :)

  • @mattgarden - I agree with Buttercupdays that it should pick up although it will probably be next year now as my wisteria has started to slowly shed leaves with these cooler nights. Going forward ...can I ask what are you growing it in and up what? They are beasts and can grow 20ft tendrils over summer. Also can I see a white electric cable on the wall?  :#
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