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Strawberry plant


I have received a strawberry plant from my mum. My mum had grown it from a runner. I am unsure where she got it from, neither does she.

It grew its fruit in June/July, the same as my mums (which hers did last year) but it is now growing more fruit again right now. She has said hers are not and didn't last year.

Does anyone know what variety this might be? Also, I heard you should only use the first plant off the runner and not the subsequent plants off the same runner. Is this true? It seems a waste to get rid of 4 extra plants (and counting).

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    If it has a few early fruits then pauses, then starts again around July, it's probably a perpetual fruiting strawberry
    You could try googling or post a pic.
    I don't grow them yet (but will be in a few weeks when Mara de Bois arrives) so have no other ideas

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