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perhaps thin the fruit when they appear - a pair to a handspan perhaps, to give the rest a chance to grow fully and give them a little comfrey or seaweed feed every fortnight from flowering.


  • Lovely blog - and Im definitely off to Aynho for a look, thank you. Isabella and Moorpark are fine choices - maybe worth considering one of the ones ending in 'cot' (eg Flavourcot) if you live somewhere cooler as these flower a little later. Petit Muscat produces bunches of smaller fruit, almost like grapes, which are really good too
  • I used to have a lovely Apricot, one year it was so laiden with fruit it weakened the tree and the tree fell to its death,really sad. I now have a small tree hope it likes my garden as they need to be looked after, wondering whether to put it in the ground or leave in the pot.
  • Apricots are abundant in and around Mindya, unfortunatly not in my gardens. The ones we have been given are lovely, have made jam and pies. Dont you love this time of year
  • I have a lovely apricot tree in my small garden. However, the roots keep springing up shoots everywhere. Does anyone have any ideas how to prevent this. I don't want to go hacking around the roots without knowing what I'm doing as the tree is fairly large and I fear it may fall.
  • I live in Aynho and although I don't have an apricot tree I have danced with the Aynho Apricots. We hope to maybe one day have an apricot festival here. Its a lovely village - our open gardens are this Sunday 27th June and well worth a visit - especially Aynhoe Park House.
  • I am growing a triple variety apple tree
    in a large pot(3 yr old). I have also planted a quantity of mint in the same pot. Last year there were a few nice apples. This year however the tree is not doing well and the fruits are dropping. Does this mean that the mint roots are interfering with the tree roots?????
  • I have an apricot tree 'Moorpark' which has fruit on it, but they are very small, about the size of an olive. How can I get them to grow bigger next year?
  • I would like to plant a fan trained apricot tree against a south facing wall.

    The difficulty is finding a nursery that will sell me one.


  • Jennifer 10Jennifer 10 Posts: 112

    Just a quick google found this, but expensive

  • Thanks Jennifer,

    I've contacted Reads. Yes they are expensive, but hopefully, they will advise the best variety for my Devon location.

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