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Gladioli bulbs did not flower

Last year I planted some Gladioli bulbs in a large pot outside. They flowered beautifully in August with tall scented blooms. I then over-wintered the pot in a frost free shed. This year only the leaves have appeared-not a single flower.
What has gone wrong? Is there any chance they will flower next year or should I give up?

Any help appreciated thanks.


  • JoeXJoeX Posts: 1,783
    I gave up several times, but last week some in the back came through purple.

    Out front the first gladioli to flower was this week, a nice white one.

    Id say they are heavily dependant on location and conditions...apart from the weather what else is different this year?
  • Most gladioli are meant to be grown as one off plants, though if you leave them in they might eventually reflower. Not all bulbs flower every year. There is a purple variety gladioli byzantinus which habitualizes, maybe there are others too these days
  • I think that they have a tendency to break up after flowering, having exhausted the main bulb,  into a number of tiny bulblets.
    A good way to disperse their genes, but not so good for the gardener or their pocket! The bulblets might eventually produce flowers, but it could be a long wait.
  • Thanks to everyone for the advice. I might plant them in the garden instead and use the pot for something else.
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