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Cherry tree removal

I have a cherry tree 40 years old that needs to be removed as the roots have completely invaded my lawn which is now in a bad way as I have a female dog. I cannot find anyone with any real knowledge of my problem and no one wants to remove the lawn as they cannot guarantee any improvement help!


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904
    edited September 2018
    There won't be any improvement if your dog continues to pee on it. Give her a designated toilet spot and hose down immediately after she goes or take her out for walks to lessen the need for her to go on the lawn. 
    The tree is a whole different issue. Look on Yell or equivalent for local tree services and have it removed including as many roots as possible. The lawn will need relaid so cost that in too. It's not going to be cheap.
  • kerankeran Posts: 40
    Buy some dog rocks at the local pet shop and put one in her waterbowl.  It takes the acid out of the wee, so no patches on the lawn! Each rock lasts about three months and you can buy them in various sizes.  They work a treat!!
  • kerankeran Posts: 40
    I meant to say it is the acid in the wee, that makes the mess on the lawn.

  • Thank you everyone for your input ... I have tried rocks in water bowl but hasn’t worked for me, probably because she drinks most of her water when out walking   Will have tree removed as first step as price for removal of lawn around £1000!!! I might be able to improve lawn after that ... aeration and lawn soil have been advised

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