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Onions - do you grow them in the same place every year???

my onions were very small this year, don't know why  but then I overheard someone say that you should grow onions in the same patch /bed every year(?) as I rotate mine. Could this be a reason for my bad crop? Should you grow onions in the same ground each year?


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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 83,826
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    My brother is a big onion grower on a commercial scale ... he says UK crops are down by 50% this year and it's the same or  worse in Holland ... the onions you have may well be worth their weight in gold come mid-winter.  Dry and store them well and mount a guard 24/7 !!!

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  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,130
    My crop was very mixed this year - some whoppers, some hollow and some teeny and not all of them grew.   What's more, they were over-wintered and I've already finished them all so we'll be buying onions all winter.   I might stock up before they get scarce.

    Definitely need to rotate to avoid build up of pests and diseases which love onions/leeks/garlic.
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  • SkandiSkandi Posts: 1,673
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    I grow a lot of onions. (not like doves brother) and I would certainly say that overall they were smaller than normal. Some still made it into 500g whoppers but most were tennis ball or smaller.
    For me it was a combination of a cold wet early spring, then bang into 30C summer 11 and 11 weeks without rain. I don't think my yield was down 50% though the danish harvest is down 30-40%, I hadn't thought about the big commercial growers also being short so prices rising.. hmm I better make sure I don't sell all of mine!
  • I  usually get a big bag or two of parsnips, potatoes and onions as part of my Christmas present ... don't know whether .... he'll be that generous this year tho'  ;)

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