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What are those cone thingies that clip onto plastic pots called?

NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,289
Sort of like an upside down open mesh plastic basket used to support plants on sale, like pelargoniums and floppy plants? I pegged some around small young plants in the border and they worked really well as early supports. I thought they might be useful to mark where my perennials are over winter and maybe stuff some straw into to protect dahlias etc. Various search terms not worked so far, but if I knew what they were called that might help! Any ideas? 


  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 10,402
    A trowel in the hand is worth a thousand lost under a bush.
  • wild edgeswild edges The north west of south east WalesPosts: 5,832
    Do they do anything that chicken wire doesn't?
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,289
    @Hazyb that’s them!  Ones like in your link Bob, are very smart and all I have found so far, but I would need about 30 so the cost would be prohibitive, as would 30 hanging baskets, Lantana. Making my own from chicken wire is an option, wildedges If I can’t find them in bulk, ideally sans pot.

    I was thinking they would be cheap, unobtrusive, easy to pop over and then remove and stack in Spring once the plants emerge again and stop me tramping on the crowns of died back plants in the meantime.

    Many thanks for your input, I will keep trying to track them down, maybe a commercial supplier to GCs...
  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Bath, SomersetPosts: 6,858
    How about using the black mesh baskets used for water plants?  Try Ebay for quantities.  Or the clear plastic dome cloches that you pop over the plants (with pegs). Helps to protect the crowns over a cold winter and they last about 2-3 years I find.
  • HazybHazyb Posts: 305
    I am  actually surprised that they are not found in garden centres and such like as they look pretty useful to me.

    Must be mainly made for the trade.
  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,289
    That’s an excellent idea, @Lizzie27, would do the job just the same.

    I can’t be alone in thinking the cone thingies would be useful, if you are growing certain plants from seed or potting them on, never mind my slightly off the wall use for them. Garden Supplies companies take note!
  • Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150
    @Nollie. Would this type of garden mesh work for making your own. It's quite rigid plastic but very easy to cut to size. I'm thinking that you could make lots of smaller 'cones' inexpensively from a roll of this stuff.

  • NollieNollie Girona, Catalunya, Northen SpainPosts: 4,289
    That would be less painful on the hands than chicken wire, @Kitty 2 ! I like the idea of the aquatic baskets as a substitute tho, largely because I don’t have to make them  :)
  • Pauline 7Pauline 7 West Yorkshire Posts: 1,944
    I have got a roll of that green stuff I bought for a particular job a few years ago.  It didn't work for the job I bought it for,  but have used it for peas to climb up and reuse the same piece year after year 
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