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Yucca offsets

I bought 2 little variegated yuccas from the clearance trolley at my local garden centre yesterday. They seem to have offset nodules climbing and bursting out of their pots, can I slice these off to pot on as a new plant or should I wait until there's some proper growth, or neither? They're only about an inch and a half long and some have a green stump on the end (like a growing ginger rhizome). I will be repotting the plants anyway into new bigger pots as the current pots are so split and being pushed off.


  • I'd be tempted to leave them on the plant until they are a bit larger.  It's not a good time of year to try and root offsets.
  • Thankyou Muddyfork,  I'll take your advice and just repot the whole plants, I wouldn't want to lose them through my impatience to propogate more plants.
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