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Tomatoes Splitting AFTER Harvesting?

Harvested quite a lot of Toms yesterday, a mixture of Gardeners Delight and Alicante. All looking lovely, no blemishes and nice and firm. Put them in the colander and rinsed them as normal and left it on the draining board. Went i went to pop them in a bowl and into the fridge this morning a dozen or so of both varieties had split. Quite alarmingly so. Anyone ever known this? Could it be rinsing them with cold water shocked them or something?
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  • AnniDAnniD Posts: 11,445
    @stewyfizz, l have had this happen too, although l don't put mine in the fridge, as l don't grow that many, l tend to harvest them as and when required. I've found the best thing is to harvest them with the calyx (the green bit) on and l don't remove it until ready to use them. As to why this happens, hopefully someone will be along to explain.  :)
  • It's happening to mine as well but only the cherry ones not the larger Shirley. When it happens on the plant it is usually because of erratic watering. Perhaps washing them with the calyx removed means they are taking on more water & if the skins are set then they split, but I could be talking rubbish!
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  • I believe this occurs on tomatoes that are already very close to splitting and then you squeeze them (just a little) when you pick them; or they get bashed or crushed when you drop them into the basket.  

    Keeping the calyx on, as suggested, might help though that can be annoying in its own way! (Or grow varieties with thicker skins)

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    Happens when I pick mine without calyx too just an excuse to eat them quickly! 
  • Might try leaving the calyx on when i harvest the remainder then. See if it helps. 
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