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Crocosmia advice.

i have a load of orange and red crocosmia in my front garden but this year they didn’t flower very well. What’s the best way to improve the flowering? 
Should I lift and devide them as they look like they are getting a bit congested?
I could happily plant some in my back garden, so might give that a try, but when’s the best time to lift and devide them?


  • The older middle bit gets less productive and new corms grow on outside. I've been told to dig up in Autumn  remove and chuck old core and replant newer bits. But you might want to check this advice with others on the forum. They're a really knowledgeable  crew x
  • They might have suffered due to the dry weather, did you water them at all?  They may flower late. 

    In terms of when to divide them, any time from about October onwards should be okay, after the foliage starts to die off.
  • Mine didn’t flower at all !  Went straight from long green leaves to long brown leaves within those hot weeks.  South facing East Anglian garden, they didn’t stand a chance !

    Thanks for this advice - I will dig up and sort them out in Oct.
  • Mine didn't flower very well at all, either, and really suffered in the hot Summer weather, with most of the leaves going very dry and brown. The few flowers I did get were pretty insignificant this year. 
  • Mine being under trees was at least partly shaded, but though they flowered the flowers didn't last as well as usual. If it gets hot again next year will mist the area ( there are hostas there too) every day as this did seem to help.
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